Wedding Cake Vodka Opens Thursday March 3rd!

Eventbrite - Wedding Cake Vodka

What happens when you start with a bottle of Wedding Cake Vodka (yes, there is such a flavor) and tell a bunch of writers to take it from there?  

Find out by coming to see this hilarious, moving, and provocative first production of Dirtyfish Theater, a playwrights collective co-founded by me, Tami Canaday, William Missouri Down, Lisa Wagner Erickson, Ellen K. Graham, Nina Alice Miller and Jeffrey Neuman.

My contribution to the evening is a short work entitled Fuel:  
 It's Mariel's divorce day, and she's invited her old friends Jody and Bill to come over for moral support.  When she learns that Bill was a Burning Man Black Rock Ranger the same year she was there, Mariel's creative juices fly as she brings the Playa home. Her fiery installation has a critical flaw, however, but Bill steps in to redeem the moment.

Reserve your tickets as soon as possible - seating is limited.  Can't wait to see you there!