John and Christine met in high school when he was 17 and she was 13.  They fell passionately, uniquely in love with each other, but forbidden by Christine's father to see each other, were never able to pursue a romantic relationship.  After John's marriage, they lost touch with each other until John decided to seek Christine out once again, finding her through the internet.  In Shadows, they meet for the first time in thirty-five years, finding much has remained the same in their love and affection for each other - so much so, that it feels as if time hasn't passed.  While learning about each other's lives, they remake their love story against heartbreakingly familiar constraint that now consists of marriage, family, and loss.

Orchid Child

Violent and unpredictable, Ada is the child of your nightmares.  Would she turn out differently if her teenage parents could give her away to the “right” family?  Orchid Child begins before Ada is born as Luke and Valerie, seven months pregnant, uncertainly consider creating a secure and happy family in their city basement apartment, while middle-aged Peter and Elizabeth reflect on their own insecurities as prospective adoptive parents from the comfort of their suburban living room.  As we watch two possible futures unfold for Ada in a split stage setting, dreams disintegrate into bitter memories that are resented, abandoned, longed for, and barely survived according to each character’s strengths and weaknesses.  Over a thirty-year period, Ada’s histories become one, and in the end, her saga speaks to everyone who has considered whether or not nurture can really overcome nature.

Production History:

     And Toto Too Theatre Company, October, 2016 (staged reading)
     Playwrights Revolution, Capital Stage Theatre, August, 2014 (workshop staged

Salon Femmes

Frustrated by the dull and conservative town in which she lives, high-powered Lola decides to turn things around by hosting intellectual salons at the local home décor store.  Her plan for communal enlightenment slowly unravels as her hand-picked group of female enthusiasts engages in an unforeseen clash of ideas and faith.  By the end of the first meeting, civility has gone out the window as friendships are strained and secrets revealed.  In the aftermath of the melee, one person’s tragedy forces the women to reconsider whether or not their dreams are worth the price of illusion.

Production History:
     Paragon Theatre, Trench New Play Development Series, Denver, May 2011
(staged reading)

Shooting Stars: A Cairo State of Mind (in development)

A father afflicted with schizophrenia; a once-booming river city suffering racial and economic turmoil; their intertwined personal and public histories of decline come together in a multi-media narrative anchored by the daughter's revelations and recollections.

The Salt Uprising (in development)

In a dialysis center where everyone knows everyone's business and the rules you need to follow just to stay alive can't be denied, choice doesn't seem like an option. That is until Ace, a young African American man, shakes up the daily routine and offers up the privilege of protest. 

Superheroes (in development)

In a small city that could be Anywhere, USA, average citizens don masks and assume unique superhero identities, patrolling the streets at night in the name of safety and altruism, calling themselves the Dark Star Patrol.  At first perceived as a bunch of harmless cranks, a crime-stopping event gone awry turns them into vilified pariahs besieged by the press and victims groups looking for justice.  Companion piece to The Dog Park Play.  (This is the full-length extension of my short play, Superheroes.)

The Dog Park Play (in development)

Every day at dawn, a motley group of devoted canine-lovers meets for conversation and company while their dogs exercise and play.  Joe, Gus, Rick and Sharon, veterans of World War II, Korea, Viet Nam and Iraq, compare notes and exchange salty views while dominating park etiquette.  When a new young crowd comes on the scene and threatens to upset their sense of order, the vets revolt in surprising ways.  Companion piece to Superheroes.