One Man’s Trash (short one-act)

When volatile Cee, a white divorcée, visits an exhibit of “discarded object” art and is confronted by an unexpected blast from her past, she reacts with less than complete restraint. Nate, an African-American security guard, attempts to intervene, and their verbal sparring over what separates and unites, and what it means to be trash, leads to unexpected physical consequences.

Production History:
Millibo Art Theatre Women’s Theatre Festival, Colorado Springs, April 2019

Help - Not Just Anybody (short one-act)

Interrupted in a questionable attempt to reclaim and restore a precious gift underhandedly taken from her daughter, Gail finds herself charmed, forgiven, and transformed by surprisingly welcome assistance from sales clerk Trey.

Production History:
Lakeshore Theatre Players, 15th Annual 10-Minute Play Festival, White Bear Lake,
MN, June 2019
     Denver Center's for the Performing Arts Off-Center Bite Size, Denver,
November, 2018 (Finalist, staged reading)

Called (short short)

Beryl’s post-yoga cool down has led her into a new kind of relationship - one that, no matter how hard she tries, she can't get rid of.

Production History:
And Toto Too Theatre Company, Denver, June 2018

Fuel (short one-act)

It's Mariel's divorce day, and she's invited her old friends Jody and Bill to come over for moral support. When she learns that Bill was a Burning Man Black Rock Ranger the same year she was there, Mariel's creative juices fly as she brings the Playa home.  Her fiery installation has a critical flaw, however, but Bill steps in to redeem the moment.

Production History:
     Part of the collaboration Wedding Cake Vodka, Dirtyfish Theater Company, Denver,
     March 2016


Streaming (ten minute)

Maymay has fully embraced the technological age and infuses her daily life with on-line cooking lessons, texts, Facebook posts and tweets.  Lucy, her twelve-year old granddaughter, isn't so sure about what this means for their relationship as she navigates the difficulties of friendship, love, and identity in this vignette about coming of age in a time of change.

Up, Up and Away (short short)

While sipping a last latté, a mother and daughter have a bittersweet conversation about the mother's final exit.  

Production History:  
     And Toto Too Theatre Company, Denver, June 2015  

Superheroes (short one act)

The Dark Star Patrol, a fictional group of Real Life Superheroes, has a code of honor when it comes to crime fighting and altruism. Newcomer Zygote pushes that code to the limits, and in so doing, unravels and complicates relationships between friends and lovers at their traditional dawn meeting.  

Production History:
Part of the collaboration The Playground, And Toto Too Theatre Company,
     Denver, November 2014  

Brian Landis Folkins Photography

Brian Landis Folkins Photography

Independence Day (ten minute)

Peg and Jigger have been married almost sixty years. When Jigger collapses, unconscious from a heart attack, Peg’s fantasy of liberation is about to come true until a young man tries to save Jigger’s life.  The suspenseful confrontation between the older woman and the young man leads to a dramatic climax that shocks and surprises in this black comedy. 

Would You Rather (short short)

Meeting in a boutique-y tea shop, two friends joke around using the time-honored "would you rather" format (e.g. "Would you rather be followed around by a bagpipe player for a week or have tinnitus?"), until the joking gets serious.

Production History:
And Toto Too Theatre Company, Denver, June, 2014

Wrinkles (ten minute)

Eleanor, an out-of-work corporate executive “of a certain age,” feels washed up and worn down by the march of time. Best friend Julia is determined to change Eleanor’s perspective while trying on clothes in a tony Manhattan dressing room. When Julia forces Eleanor to take a peek “under the covers” and face her vulnerability, Eleanor blossoms into a diva of unusual talents. 

Production History:
Performance/Staged Reading, And Toto Too Theatre Company, Denver,
     March 2014.