Color me Carp

I admit it, I swim with bottom feeders (and love it).  WELCOME to the new playwrights collective, Dirtyfish Theater, that I've co-founded with my peerless peers, Tami Canaday, William Missouri Down, Lisa Wagner Erickson, Ellen K. Graham, Nina Alice Miller and Jeffrey Neuman.

Eventbrite - Wedding Cake Vodka

Our first production, Wedding Cake Vodka, runs from Thursday, March 3, 2016 through Sunday March 6. There's something for everyone in this fully produced evening of new short works written by each of DFT's members and directed by Heidi Schmidt. Destruction, construction, reconstruction, deconstruction, friends, enemies, lovers, animals, plants, other words, "we put the stank on the stage!"

My contribution to the evening is Fuel:  
 It's Mariel's divorce day, and she's invited her old friends Jody and Bill to come over for moral support.  When she learns that Bill was a Burning Man Black Rock Ranger the same year she was there, Mariel's creative juices fly as she brings the Playa home. Her fiery installation has a critical flaw, however, but Bill steps in to redeem the moment.

I'd love to see you there - seating is limited, so please reserve your tickets as soon as possible. I promise you'll have a great time!