Something You Should Know

I am happy to announce that my new short play, One Man’s Trash, will receive a staged reading on March 3rd as part of the “Shorts Before The Show” series at Theatre 29’s production of The Mrs. Wheatland Pageant.

Amazing actors Kelly Uhlenhopp and Randy Chalmers, aided by Darren Smith reading stage directions, will bring to life this vignette about Cee, a white, upper middle class divorcée, the chandelier from her past that shows up in an exhibit of discarded object art, and Nate, the African-American security guard who tries to intervene when Cee takes action.

The performance on March 3rd is sold out, but if you want to see some other great local playwrights’ short works and a rollicking comedy by Lisa Wagner Erickson, get tickets here for The Mrs. Wheatland Pageant. Use the promotion code WEEKDAY to get $14 tickets for Tues, Weds or Thurs performances.

Thanks for supporting the arts and go see some live theatre!