Everyday Heroes Coming to a Theatre Near You!

My newest play, Superheroes, will be featured in an evening of short works called The Playground, produced by And Toto Too Theatre Company in Denver.  The Playground's action takes place over the course of twenty-four hours in a city park, with characters both familiar and uncommon revealing their stories of friendship, love, loyalty and family.   I'll be in the great company of Colorado writers Nina Alice Miller, Rebecca Gorman O'Neill, Carrie Printz, and Nicolette Vajtay for this fascinating evening of comedy and drama.

About Superheroes:  Real Life Superheroes are average citizens who don masks and assume unique superhero identities to patrol city streets and engage in charitable activities.  The Dark Star Patrol, a fictional group of Real Life Superheroes, has a code of honor when it comes to crime fighting and altruism.  Newcomer Zygote pushes that code to the limits, and in the process, unravels and complicates relationships between friends and lovers at the traditional dawn meeting.

The Playground runs from November 6 - 22, at the Laundry on Lawrence.   Buy tickets online, or call 720-583-3975.

Come see this amazing collaboration of writers, directors and actors for a unique evening of theatre you won't want to miss!