Play on Words is a thematic exploration of the human condition and the natural world using painted fabric, photo-imagery, stitching, applique, and the written word, by mother/daughter team Victoria Kelly and Leslie C. Lewis.


Victoria sends Leslie a prompt of any number of words relevant to the particular theme the team is considering.  Leslie then conceptually and/or literally incorporates the words in a short play.  When finished, she sends the play back to Victoria, who then constructs a work of fiber art utilizing the writing in any way she wishes.  This may include thematic mirroring and construction, stitching words into the fabric, or other cross-media incorporation.

The last step in the process is the production of a short film of the play.  A multimedia installation will include a bank of tv/dvd players displaying infinite loops of the filmed plays with their related fiber works hanging above them.

There is no set number of works for each theme – the team organically decides when it has completed a series.

Current Theme:  AGING

1.  Wrinkles, a Ten-Minute Play and Fiber Art Wall Hanging (18"x22")
     ~from the prompt "I hate wrinkles." (Wrinkles)
     -And Toto Too Theatre Company at Skylite Station, SWAN DAY, Live Performance and
      Showing, March 29, 2014

2.  Independence Day, a Ten-Minute Play and Fiber Art Wall Hanging (18"x22")
     ~from the prompt "You and I are so different.  You've always been independent, liking
       to do things by yourself, and I like doing things for other people, having someone
       around to take care of."  (
Independence vs. Dependence)

3.  Stuffed, a Monologue and Fiber Art Wall Hanging (18"x22")
     ~from the prompt "You wake up and you never know what's going to happen,
       who will be sick or will die; and anything can happen to you at any time."
      (Fear & Loss)
Showings:  Reading, Local Playwrights Slam, New Play Summit, Denver Center for the
     Performing Arts, Denver, CO, February 13, 2016

4.  Streaming, a Ten-Minute Play and Fiber Art Wall Hanging (18"x22")
~from the prompt "I don't like having to learn new technology.  Everything's
       always changing" (Technology & Change)

5.  The Salt Uprising, a Full-Length Play and Fiber Art Wall Hanging (in progress)
~from the image "I saw these women with canes, and everyone parted the
       way for them as they walked along." (Disability & Power)

6.  I Remember You, a Ten-Minute Play and Fiber Art Wall Hanging
     (in progress)
~from the prompt "People lose their memory, you don't remember as well,
       there's Alzheimers and dementia." (Memory)

About Victoria Kelly

Artist Victoria Kelly has been working with fibers for over thirty–five years.  Her pieces have been exhibited internationally and she has won numerous awards in her career.  Collected by private owners and corporations, she is represented by the Pamela Tripp Gallery in Baldwin, Michigan, and the Red Door Gallery, in Ludington, Michigan.  Click here for more information.